Cannot log in

Cannot log in

Postby Yzolepa » Thu Feb 17, 2022 11:54 pm

I just registered on the website but i cant log into the game. It says wrong password. Can somebody help me ?
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Re: Cannot log in

Postby Terminator » Fri Feb 18, 2022 5:51 am

The game account is not linked to the forum account, so if you forgot your game password, you must reset it in the game (using the reset option ) and not here:

CoD2MP_s 2022-02-18 06-47-57-09.jpg
CoD2MP_s 2022-02-18 06-47-57-09.jpg (52.13 KiB) Viewed 2188 times

If your problem is not solved or if you need further assistance, please give us more details so that we can help you.
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