Admins/donors stop kissing cheaters' asses

Re: Admins/donors stop kissing cheaters' asses

Postby Col. Klink » Tue Mar 12, 2019 4:26 pm

KcLionxXX, I do not recall a player with the name MIHA (and un-know second part of the name). Nor do I recall at anytime typing “I was not coming to kick the cheater.” Simply taking screen shots of conversations, out of context, does not prove I (or fellow donors) are supporting a cheater / hacker. As much as I enjoy the thought of being able to watch hours of your CoD2 gameplay, I (we) can not monitor the servers specifically when you are playing at any given time. And to that point, monitor a specific player indefinitely (that is above my pay grade). Is it possible the player is familiar my screen name and turns off/on a cheat when I am spec’ing, absolutely. If the Server Moderators are in agreement, then the appropriate actions will be taken. There is only one Admin. that can take this action after the fact. That being said, it has been my experience, that with most cases, certainly not all, the claim of hacking is usually unfounded.

You no longer need to have doubt, I have kicked and banned players from the King Clan Servers. Of all those years, not one player has come back to the forums to say I unfairly kicked them.

I am not sure what “power” you claim Beeeeeotch has, but with a one time donation of just $5.00, you will have the ability to call votes. Aside from choosing incredibly stylish headware, kicking a particular player, is one of the many benefits you will have as a donor.

And you may not like it, but camping is legal. Has been for 13+ years (as stated in the Call of Duty 2 Handbook, page 73, paragraph 1, subsection 1.3: Camping and You). I am unfamiliar with Dajka I Ekipa, but look at it from a different point of view, a camping player should make it that much easier to find and subsequently kill. How much simpler can it be? Don’t forget the old proverb: Camping = Not Moving.
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Re: Admins/donors stop kissing cheaters' asses

Postby peasant » Thu Mar 14, 2019 3:50 am

Not sure why I am replying to this as I feel I'm entering a zoo cage and I won't win either way ... but here it goes:
1. I spec'ed the player and, AGAIN, he was clean.
2. I defend no one, ever, that doesn't deserve to be defended.
3. I happily kick CHEATERS, as a donor, AFTER confirming someone is cheating. In fact, today, this late afternoon/early evening, I chased an aimbotter from server to server kicking him each time until he left. When COL KLINK is online, I defer kicking duties to him as he is an admin and I am not.
4. Sadly, for some who despise it, "camping IS legal". Deal with the fact that someone's style of play is not to be governed, cheating excluded.
5. Lying about my status and abilities in no way helps your cause.
6. I "discredited", as I had already spec'ed the player. Not acknowledging my presence PRIOR to your complaint, and making judgement as to my willingness to help, in no way helps your cause.
7. I spec'ed STEPPENWOLF and found nothing conclusive as to cheating. I CAN conclude he is of above-average skill.
8. Stop believing anyone on the KING servers, of authority, is against you.
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Re: Admins/donors stop kissing cheaters' asses

Postby HomerS » Thu Mar 14, 2019 6:13 am

Well said Peasant.
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