Im sorry to everyone! :(

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Im sorry to everyone! :(

Postby mayiaa » Wed Apr 01, 2020 8:34 pm

I see that since I was not here (fckin 2 years) a lot of mistakes by my name.
Yes, it's my fault. :oops: For personal reasons I couldn't pay enough attention to this game, so I gave my admin privileges to Don Pedro. I saw that server needs some admin. I knew him from first days on servers in Omaha maps, i never thought, he can be this sh*t.. He always said everything is OK, said he ban only AIMBOTERS, sended me videos. I warned, pleased him manytimes, for be sure. So I naively believed him..
I don't know, what happened to him, but after some time he just start ignored all my messages.. Now we are not in contact anymore.

When I tried got back to COD2 before year and check, what is new, i found out, that my privileges are gone. I did not have time to solve it, i thought, did they just throw me away without words..? :cry:

But now im reading forum and i really want to apologize to EVERYONE that Don Pedro has banned, annoyed.
It's my fault, I should never trust him. To noone. :(

I hope, every unfair ban was fixed and thanks God, that my name will not be in bad meaning anymore, cuz before years i did my admin work A LOT and fair, i think.
Never forget great these old times, i know that few of you here remember, too.

Again, Im so sorry to everyone hurted, admins and boss for complications. :(

Sorry for my english, it's still seriously low. Thank you for reading and for understand.

Stay strong and not trust anyone! :!:
With love
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Re: Im sorry to everyone! :(

Postby Zyphh » Sun Apr 11, 2021 5:15 pm

This is a moral that you should pay more attention to people who give someone admin privileges. Some take advantage. Not all of them are going to be good.

I did not suffer any of that you mentioned, because because I didn't play CoD2 game in that time and I do not know him either. Make sure the second time when you think about giving privileges to someone who seems confident, but ends up being something else. So too, it is in real life.

Cya & Good luck, dude!!
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