Accusation defence

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Accusation defence

Postby Pugziii » Thu May 30, 2024 7:27 am

This is to whoever ''hackersdelight'' may be. Since the other thread is now locked and I can't defend myself on it.
Anyone else willing to have a general discussion about it is more than welcome also.

First things first, I'm guessing your the guy from months ago claiming to be someone important within the company CoolerMaster?

Your calling me ''TODDLERS'' instead of my name Pugziii. Toddlers was a CoD2 clan who was #1 on CB for many years. Not only was I a main key player in that team, I also was for teamUK in the nations cup.
I have been to 2 CoD2 LANs and 1 CoD4 LAN.

According to you, I didn't play under Team Coolermaster. If you done your research on my actual name, ( Not my CoD2 clan name ) You would find that it was CoD4 I played under that ORG.

As for the overall hackusations, I play this game for fun now man. I don't have much time to continue playing properly and going to tournaments. I play with 5% sound and most of the time there is something on in the background.

With all the years I've been playing this game, I can assure you, ANYONE can look suspicious when you spectate them. Everyone has ''bullshit'' moments where you just think WTF. Pick me an average CLEAN player and I can record and pick the BS moments and create a video of them ''Cheating''.

Remember Maris, this is a BOT server. Where you can easily spawn kill and rack up quick kills in a short period of time.

Lastly, RoyalFlush and RIOT is clean. The admins and moderators do a great job keeping the server clean. Yesterday was a prime example when DragonSlayer joined and removed a hacker within 5 mins of me asking for an admin.

Thanks :D
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