IP Addresses of Servers

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IP Addresses of Servers

Postby HomerS » Sun Sep 01, 2019 7:05 pm

When the Master Server Down, here are the IP Addresses for all the Cracked MeatBot servers. Use the ~ key in the upper left hand corner of the keyboard (under the Esc key and above the Tab key) to bring up the console at the top of the Cod2 screen,then use the \connect command to get to enter the complete IP address including the port number (:28960, :28961:, or 28962). Only use the number keys above the letter keys. The number keys in the numeric keypad create problems with the console. For example, to get to US3 (you have to have the Cod2 version 1.3 patch installed) type


US - Philiadelphia, PA
EU - France
OC - Australia

The regular version 1.0 servers use port :28960, the All Weapons version 1.0 servers use port :28961, and the version 1.3 servers use port :28962.

So, to get to US version 1.3 you would use the connect command as above.
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