Complain and Admin Abuse of power

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Complain and Admin Abuse of power

Postby DarkWolf3 » Fri Nov 08, 2019 2:41 pm

Good Day.
Today i have encountered WH, and the admin Kes even confirmed he was using Wall hack. Unfor. Kes left before banning or warning the player.
Around 40 minutes i was complaining about the player again using WH.
While a so called Admin, who did hide his Rank and real name. He went by the name of: ^0∣KinG∣Fan.#563
He claimed to be an admin, and ''ensured'' by claiming the player didn't use WH, and he is only ''good''.
He threatened the players who accuse of cheating to be muted.
I started asking him of his name and for that i habe been muted for 3 Hours.
He didn't even answer me any question of his period of being an admin or even the name like said.
So this are the new rules ? Admins can hide their identity and asking their real Admin name to be muted.....
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Re: Complain and Admin Abuse of power

Postby Terminator » Fri Nov 08, 2019 4:45 pm

Hi all,
Dark wolf this answer im writing is not for you, because u seem not to want to understand what i wanted to let u know, but its for forum users who may think we are really "abusing power":
Darkwolf , as he said was accusing the same player for 40 minutes, using caps lock. The player is "apabo", and i was there with king fan name to record him incognito, after noticing some complaints about him using wh.
I recorded his game play and spected him carefully and i did not noticed any hacks (records are available if needed), in my opinion the guy is clean, but i alwayz share demos with other admins to give their opinions. At that point, several players were affected with darkwolf accusations and started to be agitated, and i told them ,to stop their accusations, and that we may mute for false accusers if they continue harassing each other by false accusations.
Darkwolf began to suspect my judgment and to ask personal questions, and his goal is to proove is that i do not have the eye for detecting hacks because i did not wanted to ban a player better than him.
I warned him to stop with the false accusations and to stop arguing and annoying, but he continued, so i had to mute him to prevent the players from bein agitated and the game ambience being not joyful. And i had to do it for 3 hours so ill be sure he wont come back with false accusations today (its friday and the servers are full).
Finally i just want to let everybody know that i do not take things personal and im just here to keep the game clean and attractive, and i do not care of insults and threats.
Now ill talk for u darkwolf:
No need to tell me :
(15:09:13) EU1: DarkWollf: COOL FAGGOT
(15:09:17) EU1: DarkWollf: DO IT
(15:09:23) EU1: MAGNETO: COME ON MAN
And also no need to change your name after the mute: ... Frlz_flHe6
I also will have no grudge against you. But you need to stop with false accusations and to record for cheaters and to post your records in the forum.
But if you will start again with similar behaviour as u did today, u will muted again and maybe for longer period.
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Re: Complain and Admin Abuse of power

Postby DarkWolf3 » Fri Nov 08, 2019 9:08 pm

Like previously stated, even another player and kes agreed he was using WH, for he knew too exactly where the enemies had been. And regarding my rude comments and vulgar expressions, don't act innocent Terminator. You provoked this replies with your threats and arrogance. Like when I asked your Admin name : It's none of your business, but ironically you don't state what you said that ended up provoking me. I think it would have been much more reasonable to post the entire video conversation, because you claim that you recorded it. And I think enough of the old players around here, who play from 2015, 16 know me and my skills. Clearly you are mistaken me for a new player because a use a different account on my different pc. And I don't accuse players without a reason, so I would suggest if there is a possibility and Kes feels like it, to join this conversation. And I might be mistaken, but I see many complain here about you.
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Re: Complain and Admin Abuse of power

Postby HomerS » Sat Nov 09, 2019 8:21 am


I too am an admin. I will tell you right now you are accusing the wrong person, Terminator, of being arrogant or unfair. Terminator is by far our most skilled admin at detecting who is cheating and who is not cheating. And he doesn't make these decisions quickly. He specs the player for quite awhile, studying their style of play and their moves. He records the player when he thinks he might really by cheating. All the other admins, including kes, defer to Terminator's expertise and his diligence. If Terminator determines that somebody is cheating, the other admins, knowing his skill, will back him up. If Terminator determines that he is innocent, the other admins will defer to his judgement. But Terminator also does listen to the observations of the other admins and considers that information. Kes has always changed his position after consulting with Terminator.

Terminator has ALWAYS gone out of his way to be fair, and when a player is misbehaving, he starts with gentle punishments and gradually works his way up if the player does not change his behavior. He is usually a lot more lenient than I would be. Continuing to accuse a player of cheating after a thoughtful and considered evaluation by Terminator is disruptive to the other players in the game and will not be tolerated after appropriate warnings. You are lucky you got off with just a 3 hour mute. Other admins might have given you a 2 week ban. But that is Terminator. And know that after many temporary mutes that gradually grew to time spans of several months, we have permanently muted accounts of players that still continued to accuse innocent players.

And finally, the reason that admins go in-game with a fake name is to spec suspected cheaters without the cheater knowing that they are being specced by an admin and turning their hack off. It is an effective way of catching hackers. So, If you really want hackers caught, you have to agree to these methods.

A word to the wise. If you want to continue to be able to chat, and even continue to play here, you must accept the decision of the admins regarding who is cheating and who is not without continuing the accusations and disrupting everybody else's game.

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Re: Complain and Admin Abuse of power

Postby |KinG|X-X » Sat Nov 09, 2019 12:44 pm

Well said mates
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