Admin KingBEE harrassing players and muting

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Re: Admin KingBEE harrassing players and muting

Postby Cookies » Fri Dec 25, 2020 2:23 am

you all talking about bee,right on point. I was just in a server where kingfan 456 named one was playing with wallhack and I told him this, he did nothing plus said he wasn't wh. You must be so dark blind to not see that but admins like bee tend to do nothing against players like this. yet another internet gangsta called "peasant" (what a name,it just goes very well with his personality) popped out suddenly and told me "stop crying" . one thing about this monotype "stop crying" phrase : crying is when I insult or put down someone after being defeated in a fair race but this is not the case here.dude was playing with wh and also started an exe file last round but he forgot to put / before that. little IQless dickheads who carry nothing in their pathetic heads often use monotype lines like that. they don't have a brain to analyse there is no need for them to talk when they are not in the same server but these monkeys are disgusting.
internet fanboys are terrorists,no doubt. He probably jumped in because I was in conflict with bee that round,about playeer 456. look at the stupid behaviour ; if you are against an admin, you are fucked up because internet fanboy rules certainly say "if you go against an admin, people have rights to tell you to stop crying blabla.." BULLSHIT. I wish there was some well grown ones unlike that peasant guy to see it and do the right action against that guy.whatever.I just wanted to talk about it.We can't even discuss things fairly , some little bastard jumps in from nowhere and bullies you because your words don't fit with the admin's... lack of IQ = lack of reality perception
I haven't entered for months but I see there is no reason to return.
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Re: Admin KingBEE harrassing players and muting

Postby Terminator » Fri Dec 25, 2020 5:45 am

Hi Cookies,
I'll tell you 2 things:
- Where is the demo you recorded for the player you were complaining about ???? I'm sure there are no demos available as usual. writing exec ...cfg is to use a stored cfg file, many players uses it to fix the lag, so it's not necessary a cheat.
- Be respectful if you want to be respected, an admin who refuses to ban a player is not blind .. (you already told me the same months ago)
And it's up to you whether you want to come back or not.
We will not accept any response from you to this message if it does not contain the demo (any other stuff you may write will be deleted).
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