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Player=Camper harassment

PostPosted: Sat Aug 17, 2019 2:40 am
by Fuzzy Dunlop
I just spent two games being unable to play because the player "Camper" decided that it would be fun to follow me around and stand in front of me, empty his weapon in my face, flail at me, etc. It made the game totally unplayable.

Anything I can do about it except whine here? He was doing it to others too, but not enough to support a kick. Also, how do I call for a kick? I am a donator.

Oh... if this helps:
(22:33:12) US3: Camper: lol you're mad because of a game.
(22:34:16) US3: Fuzzy Dunlop: ns]
(22:34:25) US3: Camper: Unstoppable is just too good, he killed me so much I got angry
(22:35:32) US3: Fuzzy Dunlop: stop trying to hump me
(22:35:42) US3: Camper: lol
(22:36:44) US3: Camper: stop running away from me
(22:37:15) US3: Fuzzy Dunlop: you need to find another boyfriend

Re: Player=Camper harassment

PostPosted: Sat Aug 17, 2019 7:40 am
by HomerS
To call for a vote if you are a donator, press the ESC key to bring up the Options window. Press Player List, then select the player. Press the Call Vote button then select the type of vote you want. Please start with the Kick. Only use the Ban if he returned from the Kick and continued harassing you.

DO NOT call votes on innocent players. We have had to ban donators for doing that repeatedly, even after warnings from the admins.

Admins, please also talk to Camper about this so that hopefully, tennis ball does not have to resort to votes.

Re: Player=Camper harassment

PostPosted: Sat Aug 17, 2019 1:20 pm
by Fuzzy Dunlop
Thanks, HomerS, A talking-to by an admin should take care of it.
I was admin some years ago on a COD1* server (MM Playground) so I understand inappropriate kick/ban requests, but deliberately ruining the game-play of other players is over the line for me. [Bro]Karl said he experienced the same from this player.
*which is probably surprising, given how woefully ignorant I am of how these servers work :)

Re: Player=Camper harassment

PostPosted: Sat Aug 17, 2019 1:53 pm
by terminator
Hi fuzzy,
Homers just wanted to let you know that, as a donator, you can call vote mute/kick against this kind of people.
As admins we are doing our best to keep servers attractive and the game peaceful. But it's an online game that brings together people of all nationalities and temperaments, as there are nice players, there are also toxic ones
When any admin is online, sure he will help. Personally i will talk to camper about that.
Best regards.

Re: Player=Camper harassment

PostPosted: Sat Aug 17, 2019 3:29 pm
by Fuzzy Dunlop
Thanks Terminator,
I understood HomerS point. I was just trying to show that I'm not a complete doofus, only a semi-doofus :)
I appreciate the response.