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Postby HomerS » Thu May 23, 2019 5:50 pm


1) I believe that you believe that many people are cheating. People who are convinced of something often embrace the indications that it is so, and reject the contra-indications. When I spec somebody who has been accused, I often see many positive indications, but I also look for the contra-indications. The positive indications can often be attributed to skill and knowledge of the map where a player knows that an enemy is likely to be around a corner, and sights up assuming an enemy will be there. When I spec and see the player do this, and there is often nobody there, then that is a strong indication that he is NOT wallhacking, but just knows the map. Many times there WILL be a player there, but that is not proof that the player is wallhacking. That is why I spec somebody for many minutes before coming to a conclusion. And then there are the times when a player does not sight up as he rounds the corner and gets killed by an enemy there. If he had been wallhacking, he would have seen the enemy ahead of time. You, for example, were obviously wallhacking (as you have already admitted). Just about every time you rounded a corner and there was an enemy there, you were ready for him. Every time you rounded a corner and did not sight up, there was no enemy. The point is, you are coming to your conclusions about who is wallhacking much too quickly.

Terminator and I have specced the players you have accused multiple times and come to the same conclusion about them. At least 4 out of 5 times that I spec somebody for possible wallhacking, I find they are innocent. I perm ban the 1 out of 5. And I can tell you for certain that Terminator is not a cheater. I have spent a lot of time talking to him in the game, in the forum chats, and in the PMs. I know him as a person and I know his character. So your conclusion that he is a cheater tells me that you are not doing a thorough job of speccing people. Yes, there are cheaters who we have not yet caught, but nowhere as many as you say, and not the players you say.

2) You have said that you are finished with Call of Duty and this server, yet you continue to respond to these posts on the forum. You are obviously deeply conflicted. We are not going to change our minds about the issues you are discussing here, and you are probably not going to change your mind. You are welcome to keep posting if you want, but you have nothing to gain, and it would probably be better for you if you move on with your life and truly be finished with us. Just my advice that you can take or leave.
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Postby Fred Flintstone » Thu May 23, 2019 6:48 pm


Believe what you want to believe and do what you want to do, as I have been set free from violent killing video games. Individuals associated with King Clan are exercising their own free will to associate with King Clan and the killing video gaming community. I only responded to other subjective responses, just like your own subjective response. I see no objective foresight thought, just self-entitled opinions, innuendos. You have no way of knowing who is cheating unless you're using gaming assists, exactly like the ones I used, period, notwithstanding, you are actually sitting right next to the player watching and observing the actual gaming assists in action on his monitor screen. If you do not like the person, respect the persons 35 years of video first-person shooter gaming experience and what that person has to say.

Other than that, you are just grasping at straws and drawing your own conclusions, based upon your own unsubstantiated facts, hearsay. I have been constructive, honest fair and concise with my responses, take it or leave it, as I am done here and thank you God Almighty for my deliverance. I only pray you will all take to it to your hearts to give up addictive divisive killing video games and seek the will of the Father and his son Jesus Christ.

You cannot be pleasing God while ranking up high scores in the pleasure of pretending to be killing people in these devilish video games. That is the agenda of the fallen one, Satan, to deter all mankind away from the will of the Father and his son Jesus Christ. There is an eternal judgment coming quickly to our evil, corrupt vile world and to gamble with one's eternal destiny just to have a single grain of sand in time pursuing your own pleasures is not worth one's eternal life.

Peace to you all and I will pray for all of you, as I do really care about all of you, your eternal lives and I desire you all to be truly eternally happy in this God-given gift of life we all have, good bye. :)
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Postby AccuracyPRO » Thu May 23, 2019 11:59 pm

Hi Fred. First of all tell you that I have nothing personal against you. Before attacking you, I have attacked others, including contributors such as Col. Klint, and Beoouutch. Those who have seen me play know. With Beeeooouuutch, especially with him, I had strong chats during the game. And I only regret that at that time I had not activated my Frapp99 to have recorded it, as I did with you and with others.

You tell many truths about the disadvantages that we have many, and I include myself. I want you to know that my pins are high and that does not make me happy. Do you want to know the reason? ... while many use good internet companies, use internet by cable, or have more than 100 Mb of transfer, I have to settle for sharing the internet from my phone plan, which generates many problems for me , especially lags, that sometimes I am shooting someone at a point and it turns out that he is no longer at that point, and I am the one who dies. Still, in general, my scores of deaths and ratio are acceptable, because I try hard in every game. It's not my boast, but my friends who have seen me play, standing next to me and my laptop, have witnessed my good aim. And let me tell you that, in Cuba, when I played with a simple network cable, between only two or three people, I had no rival, but playing connected to servers that are in the US, from Chile, with a bad internet plan, puts me always at a disadvantage.

Now, regarding that is the reason why hacks are used by many players ... you're right, but it's not my case, and I can show you. Although it seems to you that I have been cruel to you, and unfair, you alone have had to accept the fact of the use of wallhacks and aimbot, now with the excuse that you did it to detect others. But also, I only denounced you verbally, but I have a channel on YouTube [AccuracyPRO76], where I have the videos of those that I'm completely sure use wallhack and aimbot. There are not only yours. There are also those of others that I will not mention ethically and that the time will come to denounce them too, if this community allows me to do so. But with you I can make an exception and share your own videos for you to see, or make them public if you wish. And then you will see that I do not use any traps. Because those who use traps like you used them can not report videos to anyone, because then on their screens traps are also recorded, as it appears in your YouTube video. Do you want to bet? Even, I have segments of my own games in their last moments before winning, where I have been in the first place, I can also show them to you, and you will not see wallhack nor aimbot, nor anything else.

I only ask you please to take me off your list of accusations. It's not because it affects me, but I think I'm only on your list of lies because you have retaliated against me for reporting you as a hack. You're being unfair, brother, I'm telling you from the bottom of my heart. And I reiterate what I said before. Before I focused on you, I did it on other players. I am more than convinced that I have been seen numerous times, both by players like you, who have simple doubts about me, as well as administrators, which all, except you, of course, have not detected the slightest trap in my style of game.

I wish we were face to face and I would surely be inviting you to a beer, or a soda, because I'm not sure how old you are even though you speak as a man, and showing you live that you are wrong about me.

A hug, and rejoin the community. What you did is not a crime, it's just a moment of weakness.
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Postby ismailkriwen » Fri May 24, 2019 5:23 pm

ALL that why ?
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Postby AccuracyPRO » Fri May 24, 2019 11:02 pm

Could you be more specific?, I do not understand your question.
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Postby dedecampos » Wed Sep 11, 2019 12:04 am

this game still makes you discuss over non sense things. YEAH!!
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