Hi all... My video...

Hi all... My video...

Postby nicasteel » Sun Sep 20, 2015 10:06 pm

Good evening gentlemen, here is my first gameplay stream... I hope it like you...

Now... My introduction...

Im been playing in these servers since 6 months aproximately..... Nice servers... Really good servers coz even when most players connect by wifi with huge lag the server keep it performance 100%.

Im from Nicaragua, i was admin in Blizoo Squad Servers (Bulgarian servers) for 3 months (they got fired me for internal issues head admins), now, im admin in Spartan Servers (Croatia) and UdSSR Servers (German Servers), as you can see i like bting my help to keep fair playing in servers. So, if you can bring me some link to apply for adminship would be nice. If any player can be admin i understand, anyway I like your servers and I will playing in there.

Regards, Joel...
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