I am a person not a waste

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I am a person not a waste

Postby KRAKEN22 » Sat Jun 29, 2019 2:25 pm

I am tired of blaming this Ismail child, he is not more than 14 years old, they tell me that he uses his account, he says that I am a bad player because I do not play with ROBOTS, FALSE PEOPLE, I PLAY WITH REAL PEOPLE, STUPID CHILD . Do you have proofs that I use? I have more than tests to be banned administrators, I have evidence that he tells me that I'm an idiot, approximately more than 7 captures the idiot saying, he shared his account, and I have been banned without reason, if you like I show you the video, I repeat I am a person who seeks help in the forum, I am not a shit to be told idiot and guilty.
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